Life on Stage kommt nach Dresden!

Musicals & Message • 28.10. – 03.11.2019 • Messe Dresden, Halle 1 • Eintritt frei!


Life on Stage kommt nach Dresden!

Musicals & Message • 28.10. – 03.11.2019 • Messe Dresden, Halle 1 • Eintritt frei!


Life on Stage

What's it all about?

In the spring of 2017, an evangelist with a Swiss organization called Netzwerk Schweiz contacted a group of pastors in Dresden. God had put Dresden on their hearts. They were wondering if we would be open to hosting a new evangelistic event they call Life on Stage.

Life on Stage is, in essence,  a series of musicals with an evangelistic message. The organization’s staff has taken three stories of real-life people whose lives have been dramatically changed by Jesus Christ and turned them into professional musicals. Last year, about 1000 people came to Christ through three different Life on Stage productions in Switzerland. In 2019 Netzwerk Schweiz is bringing Life on Stage to Germany. We’re trusting God to use Life on Stage in Dresden just like he has in Switzerland.

It’s a big project! About 25 churches in and around Dresden are working together to put the event on. We’ve booked the trade show hall with seats for 1200 people, we’ve been encouraging believers in our churches to pray daily for three VIPs – very important persons who do not yet know Jesus—and in October we’ll be putting up posters all over the city. Netzwerk Schweiz taught evangelistic training courses to inspire, motivate and train believers to share their faith with their VIPs; they wrapped up the two six-unit courses with approx. 80 participants on September 21.

Interested? We could use your help—yes, even from a distance! First, pray. Pray that God will give believers in Dresden a heart for those who do not know him. Gabriel Häsler, the Swiss evangelist, says: „The churches that pray for their VIPs and take part in the training courses see significantly more decisions for Christ than those that just see the campaign as a one-time event.“ Pray that God would soften the hearts of our VIPs—our family members, neighbors and friends—and move many to attend at least one of the Life on Stage musicals.

Second, give. Life on Stage is an expensive project. Although our Swiss partners are viewing this a missions project and are shouldering the financial risk themselves, we want to do our part to help too. We’re trusting the Lord to provide €86,300 ($94,000) in donations during 2019. As of the end of September we’re over halfway there ($60,250). Here are some ideas for giving:

  • Give $5 or $10 or €5 or €10 a month for 9 months.
  • Once a month, instead of going out to eat, pack a sandwich or eat at home. Donate the money you save to Life on Stage Dresden.
  • Sell some stuff that you don’t use. Donate the proceeds to Life on Stage Dresden.
  • Make a one-time donation of $100, $250, $1,000 or more.

You can get an idea of what Life on Stage is like in this video and practice your German too!

Life on Stage Story: Wild Youth

„My life was in a downward spiral,“ explains Rebekka. As a teenager she started taking drugs and became a real party animal. Although it started harmlessly enough, it got progressively worse—with a stay in a juvenile detention center, a suicide attempt and a broken marriage. Then, on Christmas Day in 2011, she made a momentous decision in Basel, Switzerland.

Want to donate, but need the details? Follow the links below to give in different currencies:

  • Donate in Euros (EUR): Click here for information on donating to Netz-Werk Deutschland e.V.. If you need help with the German, let Jeff Ingram know by sending a message via the Kontaktformular on the bottom of this webpage.
  • Donate in U.S. (USD) or Canadian (CAD) dollars to The Evangelical Alliance Mission. Click on the GIVE NOW button on TEAM’s homepage——then enter Life on Stage in the „Select a Missionary or Project“ field. Choose your currency—USD or CAD—then click GIVE NOW.
  • Donate in British Pounds (GBP) through the UK charity Stewardship. The donor will receive the appropriate tax acknowledgement, and the UK charity will then forward funds to TEAM. Contact information: Stewardship, PO Box 99, Loughton Essex IG10 3QJ UNITED KINGDOM, email: enquiries[@]

Thanks for your support!

Life on Stage Story: Broken Family

In this true story we watch Vladimir und Manuela fall from the heights of being in love into the dark valley of domestic violence, brokenness and separation. And we witness an unexpected encounter with God that restores a hopeless family.

Life on Stage Story: In Search of Healing

A young mother burns out: her first son is hyperactive, the second has an incurable illness. She’s desperate and seeks help in alternative medicine. This is the true story of a mother who gave everything to help get her son healed. It’s the fascinating story of an amazing miracle. And it’s the story of a God who can really be experienced today.